You Beautiful Body & Nutrition

What is You Beautiful Body & Nutrition?

You Beautiful Body & Nutrition is a two piece program; Personal Training & Nutritional Coaching. Exercise & Nutrition play for the same team, but both are vast subjects on their own. I want you to be well educated in both arenas, so you can make great lasting choices. Therefore, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching are individual programs.

Who is You Beautiful Body & Nutrition for?

Anyone with gym shoes and access to the internet! Sessions are completely virtual & set for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Beginner to intermediate activity levels welcome! Individuals with chronic pain or severe health conditions, please see your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.

What can I expect from You Beautiful Body & Nutrition?

Nutritional Coaching: Revamp current eating regimens & develop a personalized plan to retrain taste sensitivity & mental ailments preventing you from healthy eating. Each week you’ll receive:

  • Individualized recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Personalized grocery shopping list
  • Regular tips & tricks to meet nutrition goals
  • Availability for questions & concerns

You Beautiful Body: Build muscle, tone & shed pounds from home while fueling a desire for transformation. Minimum or no equipment needed (Minimum: mat, fitness ball, resistance bands, dumbbells).

Nutritional Coaching

1 Session
  • 30 Minutes
  • Best for individuals exploring their options.
5 Sessions
  • 30 Minutes
  • Best for individuals with some poor eating habits, basic knowledge of healthy eating & short term goals
10 Sessions
  • 30 Minutes
  • Best for individuals with several poor eating habits, little or no health education & long term goals.

You Beautiful Body

Single Sessions

Best for individuals exploring fitness options & searching for their perfect trainer.

1 Session
  • 30 Minutes
1 Session
  • 1 Hour

Ten Sessions

Best for beginners or individuals who want to get back into a regular workout routine.

Goals: Shed 10-15 lbs, Tone, Improve Strength & Increase Energy Levels

10 Sessions
  • 30 Minutes
10 Sessions
  • 1 Hour

Fifteen Sessions

Best for individuals ready to boost their intensity level & have a moderate understanding of fitness & training.

Goals: Shed 15 – 20 lbs, Build Muscle & Increase Energy Levels.

15 Sessions
  • 30 Minutes
15 Sessions
  • 1 Hour

You Beautiful Life

Cultivate a fulfilling life by harnessing the fundamentals of beautiful living.

You Beautiful Mind

Sync up with flow and watch as life suddenly starts working with you.


Quick, versatile & healthy recipe samples for everyday use.

You Beautiful Body & Nutrition