Chapter 9 : Arroyo

“Though despite what you may think, I was grateful Mom met this new man. He had helped her find happiness that she had long, long forgotten. Helped her spend time understanding, not only what a civil relationship could be like, but that you could have a life you actually enjoyed. You can take trips, vacations … More Chapter 9 : Arroyo

Chapter 4: Forgiveness

“He asked for something he had never asked for before. His entire behavior took me by surprise in a way which both shocked and pleased me.  It was the first time I felt he was truly being transparent and genuinely sincere. He wasn’t being confrontational, threatening or hostile at all. Over the past couple years … More Chapter 4: Forgiveness

Relieve the Routine

During my book-writing shenanigans, I’m happy to say I’ve encountered many beautiful lives. Lives that are in different stages of their healing; some at the beginning and some well past the finish line living in a peaceful, beautiful and happy place. I’ve asked the question before, what is the difference between a woman who stays … More Relieve the Routine

Enough: Why did She Stay? Ask: Why did She Leave!

Enough. Enough. Enough already. This painfully, mindbogglingly question has been asked a gazillion times throughout history. And if you’ve done your research, you’ll find a gazillion different responses to it. “I’m just trying to help!” you might be saying. Okay, yes, your heart might be in the right place and maybe you are asking this … More Enough: Why did She Stay? Ask: Why did She Leave!