You Beautiful Mind

What is You Beautiful Mind?

This Life Coaching program with Monica M. Medina utilizes principals of psychology, heath & wellness, nutrition & spirituality to help individuals through times of transition.

Who is You Beautiful Mind for?

You Beautiful Mind Life Coaching is designed for individuals struggling to find direction through times of transition. YBM may include coaching in the following areas: sadness, guilt, conflict, confusion, relationship concern, career development, fresh starts, time management, stress, overwhelmed, self-improvement, values alignment, achieving goals, social skills & communication improvement, decision making, self-sabotaging, productivity, habit & routine development, focus, concentration, self-awareness, boundaries, avoidance, health & wellness.   

You Beautiful Mind is not suitable for individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts, psychosis, post traumatic stress disorder, lethal substance abuse or those seeking financial consultation.  

What can I expect with You Beautiful Mind?

No one knows when life is going to change course, but we do know it’s bound to happen at some point; usually when we least expect it and sometimes all at once.

Becoming lost, hesitant or stuck in a transitional period is normal, but it’s not where anyone wants to stay.

During You Beautiful Mind Life Coaching, we’ll work on three major areas:

  • Releasing Mind-Made Restraints
  • Reducing Self-Sabotaging habits
  • Building Self-Reliance

In a nutshell, we’ll find direction again.

You Beautiful Mind

YBM is aimed to give you a valuable life coaching experience for an affordable price.

30 Minutes
  • 1 session
1 hour
  • 1 session
30 Minutes
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  • is Free

You Beautiful Life

Get Clarity. Get Direction.

You Beautiful Mind Life Coaching