You Beautiful Mind

What is You Beautiful Mind?

This Life Coaching program by Monica M. Medina utilizes principals of psychology, heath & wellness, nutrition & spirituality to help individuals break away from barriers preventing a beautiful life.

Who is You Beautiful Mind for?

You Beautiful Mind Life Coaching is designed for individuals ready to make change in their lives, but who don’t know how or where to start. YBM includes coaching on all of the following areas: sadness, guilt, conflict, confusion, relationship concern, career development, fresh starts, time management, stress, overwhelmed, self-improvement, values alignment, achieving goals, social skills & communication improvement, decision making, self-sabotaging, productivity, habit & routine development, focus, concentration, self-awareness, boundaries, avoidance, health & wellness.   

You Beautiful Mind is not suitable for individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts, psychosis, post traumatic stress disorder, lethal substance abuse or those seeking financial consultation.  

What can I expect with You Beautiful Mind?

Many people want to see growth in themselves & change their lives, but are simply lost, hesitant or stuck. Alone, those feelings can appear intimidating & debilitate any action we want to make.

During You Beautiful Mind Life Coaching, you’ll strengthen your mental processes gaining clarity & purpose. We’ll energize, direct & graduate your psyche to a beautiful place where thoughts can flow without hesitation. By reducing fear, uncertainty, confusion and other barriers, we’ll find direction again.

You Beautiful Mind Life Coaching

YBM is aimed to give you a valuable life coaching experience for an affordable price.

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You Beautiful Mind Life Coaching