Let’s consider this …

+ Are you constantly navigating through uncertainty?

+ Do you struggle to shut your mind off?

+ Do you guilt, shame or demean yourself?

+ Is “self care” a foreign concept?

+ Are you ready to make lasting change within yourself?

Move forward? Be the person you actually want to be & have tools to use for a lifetime?


Well, Hello Beautiful

You’re in the right place.

You Beautiful Life Coaching

blends principles of psychology, heath & wellness,

spirituality & lessons in self-love.

Learn to

Become the kind of woman who loves & relies on themselves

  • Reroute Expectations
  • Recognize Avoidance
  • Re-center Goals
  • Align Morals & Belief Systems
  • Conquer Self-Sabotaging
  • Harness Decisive Action
  • Create Healthy Boundaries

  • Learn Self Trust, Love & Reliability
  • Habit & Routine Development
  • Redirect Stress

YBL Coaching is right for you if …

  • You are a female between the ages of 18 – 35.
  • You are lost in feelings of uncertainty.
  • You know what you have been doing is not working.
  • You want to quiet your mind & gain clarity.
  • You want more peace in your life.
  • You want the next chapter of your life to start off right.
  • You are ready for real change.
  • You can commit to one or two months.

Women who finished YBL Coaching say …

Make the investment in yourself. If you’d go to the gym, get your nails done, or clean your house you should be working with Monica. It has benefits across all facets of your life. The world is packed with distractions and Monica gracefully teaches you how to remain in the moment. This undoubtedly made me a better wife, friend, sister, colleague and most importantly brought a lot of peace to me. Monica is wise beyond her years and incredibly generous with her extensive knowledge. She is a natural teacher with a true gift of helping people find peace within themselves. You cannot go wrong working with this life coach.” – Sarah B.  

“Monica is a great listener with good intuitive guidance, she helps you draw your own conclusions and answers, that truly are already within ourselves. Bringing to my awareness importance of self care and setting boundaries. My growth continues and her help has been the spark to start this journey with a more positive mindset.”Juliana D.

You moved on for a reason, you decided to get better for a greater purpose. Keep going & trust that something magnificent will come out of it. – ThirdEyeThoughts

You Beautiful Life

You Beautiful Life

Get Clarity. Get Direction.

You Beautiful Life is not suitable for individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts, psychosis, post traumatic stress disorder, lethal substance abuse or those seeking financial consultation.