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Monica M. Medina

Hi there, I’m Monica here with You Beautiful Life Coaching!

So, I kinda have a wild story. I’ve had some pretty unimaginable experiences happen to me that have transformed my life in irreversible ways.

Some important details …  Up until I was 17, I grew up witness to horrific violence. Neglect, anger, hate & pain is all I ever knew and they ran the show every day since I was two. In 2009, I lost my Mom during her attempt to flee a 13+ year violent relationship to my stepfather and after that, everything changed.

I spent the next 9 years piecing together a new life. I graduated, moved across country & landed a job in my field of psychology, while also struggling with PTSD, anger, depression and night terrors. Life was slowly coming together, but court proceedings against my step father still lingered. I could do nothing, but wait for the chapter of my old life to end, so I could fully step into the new one I was trying to live.

In Sept 2017, he was finally found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Finally, I felt, real healing could begin.

Since then, I’ve done the work to heal my own self-imposed restraints, self-sabotaging monster and build the ability to trust myself. I’ve become an author of my first book & memoir The Third Return as well as a writer & life coach with one simple goal; help people who have gone through darkness see the beauty of life again.

Every experience I’ve endured has sharpened my understanding of life, taught me peace, self-love and the value of living intentionally. 

That’s what I’m here to help you do too; regardless of what you’re upbringing was like. You Beautiful Life coaching is my way of doing that.

Sign up with me today & be prepared to completely transform yourself and shed a life you never thought you’d leave.

You are a Beautiful Life


The Third Return A Memoir is scheduled to be released in 2020. See Chapter excerpts here.

Life Coach

You are a Beautiful Life


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“When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better & you start to attract better. It all starts within you.”