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Monica M. Medina

I’m 28. Born & raised in Illinois where I completed my B.A. in Psychology. I was driven to pursue this field after my mother, at 45 years old, was suddenly murdered in May 2009 in an attempt to flee from domestic violence.

In 2014, I eagerly left winters behind & moved to the West Coast of Florida. There, I became an author, personal trainer, health enthusiast, kayak owner, adventure seeker & a writer for Venice Gulf Coast Living Magazine. No longer do I believe in living more than 15 minutes away from the ocean.

For years, I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals in a hospital setting who struggled with mild to severe psychological ailments. I’ve also trained, coached and mentored individuals to successfully meet their food & fitness goals.

In my debut book, The Third Return A Memoir, I invite readers to see domestic violence through the perspective of a child.

My story explores family violence, grief, depression and post traumatic stress disorder as well as important subjects on love, happiness and personal growth.

Every experience has shaped my understanding of life, taught me peace and the value of living intentionally. I encourage others never to forget …

You are a Beautiful Life.


The Third Return A Memoir is scheduled to be released in 2020. See Chapter excerpts here.

Personal Trainer

Living beautifully also means feeling beautiful. Body & Nutrition are a part of the journey.


Find more of my articles in Venice Gulf Coast Living Magazine.

Life Coach

Helping individuals break into a beautiful life.