The Third Return

A Memoir

Chapter Previews

Chapter 1: The Audition

We all played our role. Mom remained obedient, agreeable and avoided long conversations. She forced a smile at the dinner table, laughing carefully. It both frightened and confused me. I saw the difference without him around. The tension would instantly diffuse and we could be silly again, playful and laugh hysterically for hours. I took … More Chapter 1: The Audition

Chapter 2: The First Return

The three of us eventually returned to the house while Ian stayed down the street to live with his mother. After the incident, Ian lost his job at the police department, lost his wife, his children and now his home. He grew remorseful- or so we believed. He called Mom and begged for her forgiveness; repeatedly … More Chapter 2: The First Return

Chapter 3: Loving Freely

Mom spent her time doing things she had never done before during the time Ian was imprisoned. She went out with her friends and had girls’ night outs. One particular night, they had planned to all get dressed up and meet for the movie premiere of Sex in the City. (Her favorite show, right up … More Chapter 3: Loving Freely

Chapter 4: Forgiveness

He asked for something he had never asked for before. His entire behavior took me by surprise in a way which both shocked and pleased me.  It was the first time I felt he was truly being transparent and genuinely sincere. He wasn’t being confrontational, threatening or hostile at all. Over the past couple years … More Chapter 4: Forgiveness

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