The Benefit of Going Beyond Your Expectations.

A start and an ending are the same thing, it’s just a matter of perspective. Both are redirections of your life situation and both always occur at the same time. In a way, they are like opposite sides of the same coin; on the surface they seem to be separated, different, but step back and you realize they are a part of one single unit.  

When we start something new, we get excited about it. Whether it be a relationship, friendship, career, moving to a new country, anything. We’re not focused on all the things that ended behind the curtains in order for this new experience to happen. Our excitement is leading the way, so it’s easy to focus on the exciting things.

The same thing happens when life redirects us and causes something to end that we’re not happy about (relationship, friendship, career, moving to a new country). Resistance is leading now and we’re not focused on all the new beginnings to come our way as a result of this ending. It’s easy to focus on the negative.

The problem is, we see our endings as separate from our beginnings and overlook that they are essentially the same thing. One already contains in itself the other.

No, I’m not about to say you should be happy if you’re not happy or that you should be sad if you don’t want to be. The key is to start realizing that your endings are beginnings and your beginnings are endings. Each is a part of the other.

This is called balance & it’s the stuff the universe is made of.

When something starts, it’s going to eventually end. When something ends, it’s going to eventually bring forth a new beginning.

The problem is not the beginning or ending of anything. Both are fine as they are. The hiccup occurs because of the expectations we’ve gripped to and the responsibility we’ve burdened them with.

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