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Many of us are scrambling in the journey of life. Some believe they have it figured out and some deny that life is even happening.  Then there’s a whole slew of messy combinations in between.

Whichever you are, at some point you’ve likely sought advice. Either through people, books, websites, podcasts, fortune cookies, horoscopes or cloud patterns in the sky, you have sought words of wisdom to help clear life’s clutter.  Chances are, finding the right support became a greater challenge then the actual life challenge itself. So, instead of chasing answers everywhere, I’d like to show you one place you should always look first. If you do, its likely that you won’t need to search anywhere else.

Before we get into the juicy stuff, how do you feel about silence? Do you recall what this foreign concept is? If you need a bit of reminding;

S i l e n c e    i s    t h e    S o u n d    o f    S t i l l    S p a c e

20190410_104955Of pure nothingness. Have you ever noticed how you’re suddenly reminded of things or have amazing thoughts come to you with ease when you are in the shower or sitting on the golden throne? Have you taken notice to how much noise is happening during those moments?

Moments of silence allow us to “pause” from the commotion of life and get into a place where we can actually allow ourselves to catch up on it. To feel, to think,  and actually process those thoughts and feelings. Imagine its as if someone has been trying to talk to you all day, but you are too busy to stop and hear them. Then, at the end of the day when you give them some time, you discover they had the very answers that could have helped with your day. That “someone” I’m referring to is your soul. (Here’s the opportunity I could take to get very deep and philosophical with you, but I like to keep it simple, so lets do that.) 

For many, peace can be equated with silence because in both of them you can truly hear the guidance your soul is trying to speak. During times of doubt, dilemma, confrontation or any number of circumstances that have you seeking advice, just pause in silence for a minute. Have you “talked” to yourself about it first? Have you hushed away all the clamor and really, REALLY focused inward to hear your souls guidance?

Given the situation, you may need a minute or several days to “talk” with your soul. Continue this communication as long as necessary. Eventually you will come to an answer; one that is going to be best suited for you because it came from within you; the person dealing.

See, it sounds silly, but no one is living your life other than you. Any resource you find will not know every aspect to what is truly happening within and around you.

You are a Special Combination Lock which

Only You Know & Can Solve  

This is not to say people can not help, of course they can. All they are really doing though, is pushing you closer to understanding your own answer and what you feel is right for you. Ultimately the best decisions we can ever possibly make come from within us. Therefore, you must find the way to your answers by keeping the communication with your soul open. What is the soul? We won’t explore that here, but there are plenty of spiritual books you can read on my Reading List to become familiar with it.

20190419_125624Since this is a domestic violence support site, we will, however, touch on how people struggling in abuse can apply this open-soul-communication concept.

Normally, within these types of situations there is an overwhelmingly chaotic amount of noise from the outside world (a.k.a the abuser). Yet, hidden underneath that, on the defense and screaming loud with guidance, is the soul.

Yes, there are several reasons why you are ignoring the soul and why it is not being heard, but essentially, all those reasons would point to is:

1. You are listening to the fear in you, not the love in you

and only love comes from your soul.

2. Refer to number one.

No matter whether you believe the soul is something that floats around inside your body or a connection to a higher life energy, makes no difference. You have one whether you like it or not. All that is important is that you understand it is meant to guide you. Through every obstacle, through every hurdle and every treacherous, twisted, mind conundrum that life will throw at you. Take advantage of the incredible resource you have with you at all times. 

Unlike any other support you can find in the world, your soul knows every deep part of you. It will always lead you if only you pause to listen. 

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