Chapter 9 : Arroyo


“Though despite what you may think, I was grateful Mom met this new man. He had helped her find happiness that she had long, long forgotten. Helped her spend time understanding, not only what a civil relationship could be like, but that you could have a life you actually enjoyed.

You can take trips, vacations and make plans.  You can have a relationship without manipulation, fear or violence. You can spend unconditional love on someone and have it be genuinely returned. You can use your hard earned money on yourself. You can give attention to your needs. You can love yourself, care for yourself and find strength in yourself. You can manage a home and three wild children. You can be independent. You can survive without your abuser. You can do all the things he says you can’t. You can become more powerful than he allows you to be. You can surround yourself with people who love you; be yourself and receive love in return for nothing other than love. Yes, you can.

S H E    F O U N D   T H I S


She was moving toward it at lightning speed and I, thrilled to see her embracing it, was so proud of her.” 





(Disclosure: Seek professional guidance if you are struggling with domestic violence.
Do not act irrationally.)
Find help ♥  Find guidance ♥ Be Safe
My book, The Third Return, is FREE to woman currently in or from abusive relationships. Send me your info under the Contact tab for your copy. 

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