Chapter 11: Wandering

ybl9“I stayed in my low for too long, simply watching my life trail on like a car without a driver; crashing into every wall on the way down and I did nothing to stop it.

Even if you have no idea how to change the course your life is on, start with what you do know. For me, I knew, or at least was learning, all I wanted was to be happy again. Under all my sopping depression, hateful anger, livid resentment, clutching grudges, and crippling pain, all I truly wanted from life was to be happy again. To have my life driving toward a place I was excited to go. And that is where I started.

With happiness.” 


(Disclosure: Seek professional guidance if you are struggling with domestic violence.
Do not act irrationally.)
Find help ♥  Find guidance ♥ Be Safe
My book, The Third Return, is FREE to woman currently in or from abusive relationships. Send me your info under the Contact tab for your copy. 

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Wandering

  1. I did not see Chapter 9 and 10 excerpts. I am completely overwhelmed by this book. I can’t wait to read the book! So so so excited for you! Flannigan

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    1. Thank you so much Mrs. Flannigan! Really means a lot. I may not have put up excerpts from those chapters, I’m kind of bouncing around and grabbing from all over. Can’t wait for you to read it!


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