Chapter 4: Forgiveness

ybl8“He asked for something he had never asked for before. His entire behavior took me by surprise in a way which both shocked and pleased me. 

It was the first time I felt he was truly being transparent and genuinely sincere. He wasn’t being confrontational, threatening or hostile at all. Over the past couple years we had seen a different person; someone charismatic, affectionate and lovingly engaged to our every word.  

Change, like anything else, takes time I told myself. Sure, it was a hiccup in the road, but I saw it only as a minor setback and was thankful we were able to put it behind us. That’s what families do, forgive and move forward. It felt right and we all seemed to veer back on track; returning to the happy anticipation of his arrival.”


(Disclosure: Seek professional guidance if you are struggling with domestic violence. Do not act irrationally.)
Find help ♥  Find guidance ♥ Be Safe
My book, The Third Return, is FREE to woman currently in or from abusive relationships. Send me your info under the Contact tab for your copy. 

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