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9 Barriers to Beautiful Living

Have you ever stopped in the middle of what you were doing and thought, “I absolutely hate this“, but regardless of the momentary glimpse of clarity, you continued to do it anyway, either out of obligation, insecurity, or fear of saying no? Do you fall into the cycle of hawking the time anywhere and everywhere, … More 9 Barriers to Beautiful Living

The Source of Self-Reliance

Up until recently, I prided myself on being able to endure just about anything. Throughout my past I’d experienced some of the hardest and most concrete lows of lows. There’s been tragedy, grief, pain and depression. I’ve had several failed relationships, betrayals, disappointments and numerous paths turn out to be cold dead ends. Woven through … More The Source of Self-Reliance

A Lesson in Career Synchronicity

After 4 years working in a mental health hospital, I felt completely lost in my career. Each week I drained my body for a paycheck, working 40 hours in 2 1/2 days and occasionally signing up for those 8 hour overnights working from midnight to 8 a.m. I was aggravated, irritable and discontent. I deeply … More A Lesson in Career Synchronicity

Find Your Own Peace

Hiking through a forest of lush green trees, standing on a mountain top in the clouds or sitting on a beach chair watching a miraculous sunset create wild, vibrant colors while listening to the crashing of the waves; there’s a reason we are drawn to Nature. If you look on any map, you’ll find that … More Find Your Own Peace

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