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A Lesson in Career Synchronicity

After 4 years working in a mental health hospital, I felt completely lost in my career. Each week I drained my body for a paycheck, working 40 hours in 2 1/2 days and occasionally signing up for those 8 hour overnights working from midnight to 8 a.m. I was aggravated, irritable and discontent. I deeply … More A Lesson in Career Synchronicity

Nature in the Nurture

Hiking through a forest of lush green trees, standing on a mountain top in the clouds or sitting on a beach chair watching a miraculous sunset create wild, vibrant colors while listening to the crashing of the waves; there’s a reason we are drawn to Nature. If you look on any map, you’ll find that … More Nature in the Nurture

Listen to Your Soul

Many of us are scrambling in the journey of life. Some believe they have it figured out and some deny that life is even happening.  Then there’s a whole slew of messy combinations in between. Whichever you are, at some point you’ve likely sought advice. Either through people, books, websites, podcasts, fortune cookies, horoscopes or … More Listen to Your Soul

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