11 Ways to Start Changing the Cycle Now

  1. Find positive support: Tell friends, img_20180711_195206_610family, coworkers, professionals who actually can and want to help you. 

  2. Schedule therapy appointments: if you do nothing else, do this! 
  3. Regain your independence: Take time for you and don’t feel guilty about it. You’re the most important and no one will care for you, like you.
  4. Happiness: Remember what made you happy and do it!
  5. Reevaluate your definition of Love.
  6. Children: Spend time with them if you have them. Trust me, they want to see more of you.
  7. Doubt: leave it at the door. It will deplete all motivation. You can do this. It is possible! Tell yourself it is, even if you don’t believe it yet. You will.
  8. Research: there is a vast amount of information out there about exactly what you’re going through. Read, read, read. Knowledge will help you gain insight.
  9. Be open: changing this cycle is harder than creating it. Be open and willing to reflect on yourself and things you need to change first. Be honest with yourself.
  10. Assigning responsibility: You are only responsible for you (and children if you have them). He is responsible for himself. (More to be said on this.)
  11. You: be kind to yourself. Love yourself and forgive yourself if you make a mistake, but never stop trying. You’re learning, so don’t give up.


(Disclosure: Seek professional guidance if you are struggling with domestic violence.
Do not act irrationally.)
Find help ♥  Find guidance ♥ Be Safe
My book, The Third Return, is FREE to women currently in or from abusive relationships. Send me your info under the Contact tab for your copy. 

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