"As you love yourself, love comes through you. Offer that love to everyone you meet. " - Yogi Amerit Desai

You Beautiful Mind

Begin your journey towards beautiful living with a Life Coach ready to help you release your higher potential. This program utilizes principals of psychology, heath & wellness, nutrition & spirituality to help individuals break away from barriers preventing a beautiful life.

You Beautiful Life

Cultivate a fulfilling life by harnessing the fundamentals of beautiful living. Learn to strengthen light, love & energy worth sharing with others. Become an access point in which true joy & happiness can come into this world through you. Overcome behaviors & thoughts that no longer serve you & eliminate “blocks” in the path of beautiful living.

You Beautiful Body & Nutrition

Nutritional Coaching

Revamp current eating regimens & develop a personalized plan to retrain taste sensitivity & mental ailments preventing healthy eating. Each week you’ll receive Read More ..

Personal Training

Build muscle, tone & shed pounds from home while fueling a desire for transformation. Minimum or no equipment needed. Read More


Bohemian Basics offers quick, versatile & healthy recipe samples for everyday use.


Life Coach

Monica M. Medina

I’m 28. Born & raised in Illinois where I completed my B.A. in Psychology at Northern Illinois University. I was driven to pursue this field after my mother, at 45 years old, was suddenly murdered in May 2009 during her flee from domestic violence.

After completing my education, I eagerly & intentionally left winters behind & moved to the West Coast of Florida in 2014. There, I became an author, personal trainer, health enthusiast, kayak owner, adventure seeker & a writer for Venice Gulf Coast Living Magazine. No longer do I believe in living more than 15 minutes away from the ocean … Read More


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